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Test Prep (ISEE)

If the cost of go-karting is S dollars for the first ten laps and T dollars for every additional lap after that, how many laps in a go-kart would you do before you found yourself an ISEE tutor?

Percentages and scalene triangles and graph coordinates. Words like obdurate and nefarious and, ironically, laconic. Studying for the ISEE can feel overwhelming. This three-week course will prepare test-takers for all three levels of the ISEE: lower, middle, and upper. Students will build vocabulary, accelerate reading speed, and master topics in algebra, geometry, probability, and more.

The Logistics

Our ISEE Test Prep sessions run for 75 minutes Monday through Thursday for three weeks (With the exception of week  1 (No Class Thursday 7/4*))

For: Grade 5-8

Weeks Available:  July 1-July 18, 2024 (three-week commitment) 


                                                                                     Times Available: 10:30 am – 11:45 am

                                                                                     Cost: $600 for three weeks