Academic Programs

Debate Camp

Our future world leaders are assiduous researchers, persuasive speakers, and open-minded team players. They are comfortable defending their ideas but value open, respectful dialogue. They are creative; they are captivating; they think on their feet. You can find them at Debate Camp!

This program, hosted by Debate Camp, offers multi-level programs in debate, public speaking, and Model United Nations for one or two weeks. Parliamentary debate is at the core of Debate Camp, and for most of the program campers will have three daily debate rounds, which include time for feedback. Dedicated workshops will expose students to persuasive speaking, after dinner speaking, and impromptu speaking. After extensive practice in both forums, it will be time to save the world with Model UN day! Each camper will be assigned a UN member state and tasked with resolving a global issue at their own General Assembly. Each week of Debate Camp culminates in a Friday debate tournament.

Campers will develop skills in effective delivery, teamwork, and research; they will grow as creative thinkers, organized writers, and compelling speakers; they will gain confidence, versatile academic strategies, and friends. With an 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio, campers receive constant constructive feedback and personal attention. Join us this summer!

The Logistics: There is no preparation required for Debate Camp, nor is there outside work in the evenings. The program is suitable for all ability levels, and our staff will provide all material necessary for the week. Lunch, however, is not provided, so campers should bring their own bagged lunches. Please visit Debate Camp’s website¬†for more information and to register.