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Leadership Development Academy

Strong leadership requires teamwork, communication, empathy, ideation, and flexibility. Develop these skills and create an actionable passion project in our one-week Roxbury Latin Leadership Development Academy, led by alumnus Dario Zarrabian ’15 and a dedicated team of recent college graduates with exposure to leadership positions and programs. Throughout the week, students will learn to define leadership and reflect on their own leadership style through hands-on and interactive exercises. In the first half of the program, attendees will utilize icebreakers, case studies of current leaders, outdoor teambuilding exercises, and analysis of cutting-edge research to build confidence, develop problem-solving skills, cultivate creativity, and refine public speaking.

In the second half of this program, small teams will design and develop passion projects. Each student will leave RL’s Leadership Development Academy with a project that they are encouraged to implement in their own school or community, making an impactful change on their own and others’ lives. From community social change projects to new extracurricular activities to startup ideas, this week at RL will provide students with the leadership tools, motivation, and confidence to make it happen.

The Instructor

RL’s Leadership Development Academy is led by Dario Zarrabian ’15. Dario graduated from Harvard in 2019, where he majored in Applied Mathematics / Psychology and minored in Educational Studies. While in college, Dario spent a summer teaching high-school students abroad in Micronesia and also led the Harvard Leadership Institute’s Youth Lead the Change Program, where students from around the world are exposed to leadership skills including those that sparked the idea for RL’s Leadership Development Academy. Dario is currently an associate at L.E.K. Consulting, a global strategy consulting firm, where in his first year he is co-leading the office’s non-profit, social change project.


Lunch will be provided for this program. Extended day options are available for an additional cost beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 5:00 p.m. During morning and afternoon extended day, students are able to request activities ranging from quiet projects to physical activity; our intimate size allows us to customize this time for the group each day.

For: Boys and Girls, grades 9-12

Weeks Available: TBD

Cost: $499