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Topics in Math

Students come to us as energetic and inquisitive problem-solvers, and we aim to capitalize on their inherent curiosity. We seek to cultivate in our students an appreciation of the power and utility of mathematics in solving real-world problems and a deep understanding of the logic and beauty that pervade the subject. In addition, we want our campers to enjoy math and to have fun exploring challenging and creative ideas and problems.

Students will explore their numerical passions while engaging in small group work, interactive problem solving, and project-based learning. Students will be challenged at the appropriate level throughout the course. 

Students will review the basic arithmetic and introduction to algebraic concepts, including basic review of whole numbers and decimals, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions, order of operations, and ratio and proportion. This course is perfect for students who may have experienced gaps in their learning due to COVID, as well as for students who are looking to get a head start on their math classes this fall.


Grades: Rising 6th – 8th graders

Weeks Available: July 5-July 21, 2022 (three-week commitment) 

                                               *First week Tuesday through Friday due to holiday

Times Available: 12:30pm – 1:45pm

Cost: $600