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Topics in English

We believe the classical concept of the “examined life”—upon the belief that a lifelong commitment to intellectual, aesthetic, and moral exploration and growth gives existence meaning and character. The English program provides a sequence of study designed to develop skills and attitudes essential to such a commitment: the ability to read and observe with discrimination, sensitivity, and pleasure; the ability to communicate information and ideas clearly, persuasively, and gracefully; the inclination to temper reason with understanding, to balance intellectual rigor and compassionate humanity; the urge to pursue the meaning of life but the perspective to recognize and relish life’s complexity and ambiguity. 

In this survey class, students will engage in a comprehensive study of literature and composition at various levels.


For: Boys and Girls, grades 6-8

Weeks Available: July 6-July 24, 2020 (three-week commitment)

Times Available: 12:30 p.m.-1:45 p.m.

Cost: $675 for three weeks