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As we observe the surrounding world, we ask questions, search for order, construct explanations, and try to predict future events. When Roxbury Latin was founded, the exploration and conceptualization of the world was called natural philosophy. Today we call it science.

Students focus on understanding by doing—discovering patterns and testing ideas through hands-on activities and demonstrations. Students will learn skills such as using measuring devices and the importance of uncertainty in their measurements. They will learn how to construct an experiment and how to analyze and interpret data. Topics include Newtonian mechanics (motion, forces, momentum, and energy), the geometry of optics, and a study of wave properties, including sound and light waves. Connections will be made to “real world” applications whenever possible.

For: Boys and Girls, grades 6-8

Weeks Available: July 6-July 24 (three week commitment)

Times Available: 1:45 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

Cost: $675 for three weeks