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Latin Alive!

After Romulus and Remus were abandoned on the river Tiber, fed by a she-wolf and raised by the shepherd Faustulus, they overthrew their great-uncle Amulius and restored their grandfather to power. They then decided to establish a city together, but after much fighting over the location of their endeavor, Romulus killed his brother and named the city after himself: he called it Rome.

Latin Alive! will explore Greek and Roman mythology and history as well as the foundations of the Latin language. With myths like the founding of Rome, students will think about how history and myth intertwine and find modern examples of lasting classical culture.

Providing a robust foundation for Latin language learning, Latin Alive! will cover dictionary definitions of verbs and nouns, basic grammar, and sentence building. This program is perfect for students preparing to enter a new Latin curriculum in the fall, or anyone wishing to expand their English vocabulary or acquire invaluable tools for mastering foreign languages.

Daily journaling is a key component of Latin Alive! It offers frequent opportunity for reflection on grammatical approach as well as reading assignments. These journals, along with in-class notes, provide all students with a concrete product after their summer experience, which will serve as a resource in future Latin classes.

Join us this summer to get a jump-start on Latin and to learn how the classical world continues to have an impact on our daily lives.

What do our students say?

“Latin Alive! was extremely well taught… I felt very involved in the lesson and learned a lot. I really enjoyed it!”

“After three weeks of Latin Alive! nearly my entire database of Latin language came alive. Before this camp all I knew were a couple of Latin roots. Now I can confidently state that [I know] 1st and 2nd declension endings, how to use verb endings, how to read dictionary definitions, and many words in the Latin vocabulary.”

“Now, after learning part of the Latin language, I am learning that even though it is not a commonly vocalized language, it provides a huge base for our English knowledge.”

“[After Latin Alive!], Latin makes more sense to me.”

For: Boys and Girls, grades 6-8

Weeks Available: July 6-July 24 (three week commitment)

Times Available: 10:45 a.m.-12:00pm

Cost: $675 for three weeks