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AHEAD Analytics Head Start

We live in an increasingly data-driven world. Everyone needs a basic understanding of how this massive amount of data can be leveraged for strategic planning and decision making. Analytics Head Start (AHEAD) is a 2-week summer enrichment program designed to provide high school students with the opportunity to take a deeper look into the exciting world of data mining and data visualization. AHEAD’s board is composed of the Director of Data Analytics Engineering at Northeastern University, PhD research scholars, and individuals who have managed analytics programs for the City of Boston and Harvard University.

Over the course of two weeks, students will be introduced to data mining concepts and techniques for analyzing large data-sets for discovering knowledge and actionable information in the fields of engineering, healthcare, business, art, and music. The topics covered in this course include: data exploration, dimension reduction, data visualization, predictive performance evaluation, multiple linear regression, k-nearest neighbors, naïve Bayes classifier, logistic regression, and association rules. Students apply these methods to business and engineering applications using R and Tableau software.

The lead instructor for Roxbury Latin’s AHEAD program is Dr. Sagar Kamarthi. Dr. Kamarthi is AHEAD’s founder and board member; he is also professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and the founding Director of Data Analytics Engineering Program at Northeastern University. Dr. Kamarthi was an invited panel speaker on the topic of “Data Driven Instruction” at the National Academy of Engineering’s Frontiers of Engineering Education (FOEE) Symposium. His current research interests are machine learning, smart manufacturing, personalized medicine, and personalized learning. He has been in the field of education for over 25 years. He received several research and education grants from the National Science Foundation and other federal agencies. He has a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

“The topics of business analytics and machine learning seemed impenetrably complex to me at
the offset of the program, but the way you translated the material into real life understandable
examples made the material much more approachable and made for a very informative and
enjoyable learning experience… The information you taught over the course of the program is
something I will carry throughout my professional life.”
(SUMMER 2018)

For: Boys and Girls, grades 9-12

Weeks Available: August 3-August 14 (two-week commitment)

Time: 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. (Lunch provided)

Cost: $2,100 – book between 01/1/20 and 02/29/20 and use the code earlybird for a discount