Athletic Programs

3D Lacrosse Clinic: Box Immersion Camp

Staffed by professional box players and coaches, 3D’s Box Immersion camp thrusts players into an authentic box lacrosse experience through a carefully crafted three-day regime that mirrors a professional box team’s preseason camp. A game-changing, transformative experience, it’s a camp for the most serious and dedicated lacrosse players.

This year’s camp will feature Chief Lacrosse Officer Regy Thorpe, a legend of the National Lacrosse League and a former staff member with the Rochester Knighthawks. Thorpe is the head coach of the U.S. Men’s Indoor Lacrosse Team, and he was the head coach and an assistant coach of two different Minto Cup-winning Six Nations Arrows Junior A teams. He has coached and played in Major League Lacrosse, and he has filled numerous coaching roles with the Iroquois Nationals.

Joining Thorpe at the Box Immersion Camp will be Blaze Riorden, who starred at the University of Albany as a field lacrosse goalie and has gone on to recreate himself as a forward in the professional box game. Riorden, who suited up for the Buffalo Bandits of the NLL in 2017, is a current member of the Philadelphia Wings NLL team.

Find more information about Box Immersion Camp by visiting the 3D Lacrosse site.

For: Boys, ages 15-18

Weeks Available: July 23-25, 2019

Time: 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

Cost: $700

3D Lacrosse Clinic: Be The Best Camp

The Be the Best Camp is one of the best instructional camps that we offer. We will be teaching players all of the skills and concepts involved in the 3d Lacrosse Methodology. Players will be pushed to reach their potential by creating a high rep and high intensity environment. We believe that young players develop a better sense for the game by competing in small-sided drills where they can be highly involved in every play. More opportunities to touch the ball and better chances to receive it playing off ball will not only be more fun, but players will find new ways to incorporate skills and techniques we teach them. This camp is designed to help players develop their game before the summer tournaments begin.

We start on Tuesday, June 11th and will meet in the evenings from 3:30pm to 7:30pm at The Roxbury Latin School. This camp is scheduled in the afternoon to allow players that are still in school enough time to get to our camp.

Find more information about the Be The Best Camp by visiting the 3D Lacrosse site.

For: Boys & Girls, rising grades 3-8. 

Weeks Available: June 11-13, 2019

Time: 3:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

Cost: $350

Training and Skills

At 3D’s Box Immersion Camp, the focus is player development and lacrosse IQ. During the three days of the intense, experiential camp, players will be immersed in the box lacrosse game and box lacrosse-specific training. The program is designed to help attendees see dramatic improvements in their game as a result of the training regime and the exposure to a genuine box lacrosse environment, coaches, drills and game settings.

A fast-paced tempo from start to finish, players find themselves in situations that force them to step out of their comfort zones, work harder to make plays, and test their lacrosse IQ. The Box Immersion Camp staff features real box goalies; attendees will be shooting on 4-foot-by-4-foot nets guarded by experienced box goalies who will help the players become better shooters.

Focusing on a long list of box skills, drills and play, participants will begin to pick up the nuances of the box game. Specific team concepts built into the Box Immersion Camp training schedule include: five-man offense, the two-man game, extra-man offense, man-down defense, face offs, transition offense, transition defense, on-ball screens and picks, off-ball screens and picks and total-team concepts.

Skill development at the Box Immersion Camp will have a focus on finishing, faking, catching in traffic, deceptive shooting, feeding, defensive footwork, dodging in tight confines, cutting, cycling, picking, screening and much more. The program culminates with a game against a Canadian box team for each specific age group.